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SEASON: All Year 



Homestay (twin-sharing)



Folklore Interpretation 

- Agriculture learning

- Camping @ Karba (charged extra) 

Our brand new homestay in Kalap offers you reliable broadband connectivity. Thus you can now come and stay in our village for multiple nights, and still remain connected with your workplace!  

Work From Kalap Highlights:

- Broadband internet (powered by dedicated solar for uninterrupted connectivity). Backup 4G limited connection also available in case of broadband breakdown.

- Simple, clean rooms.

- Earthy, healthy meals.

- 24 hrs backup solar power & emergency petrol generator available

COST: Rs 6,650 + 5% GST per person for 7 Nights 

Includes: All food (simple breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea with biscuits) and accommodation (twin-sharing) from when you reach our office on Day 1 to departure lunch on Day 8 at Kalap. Anything apart from this extra.

Extra Charges:

1. Rs 1,200 guide charge to goto Kalap and return. Guest must carry this amount in cash and pay directly to the guide appointed by us. Guide can carry a bag of upto 10 kg, bag will be weighed at our office.

2. Rs 600 one-way extra luggage porter charge, if required. Guest must carry this amount in cash and pay directly to the porter appointed by us. Porter requirement must be confirmed 72hrs before arrival or availability cannot be guaranteed.

3. If you want to extend nights in Kalap, Rs 950 + 5% GST per night per person. This has to be confirmed during booking and paid. Night extension after reaching Kalap is only possible if there is availability and subject to guest paying through Google Pay.

How to reach our office in Kotgaon?

Read this page:


1. Booking must be confirmed 72 hrs before arrival with online payment. We don't accept walk-in arrival and will turn you back. All payments will be online only. Please ensure you have Google Pay so that you can make payment to us if required in Kalap. We do not accept cash for any services offered by our company. Cash payment is only for the guide and porter service.


2. Our homestay hosts in Kalap are followers of 'Shri Radha Saomi Satsang'. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in our homestay. And as a company we discourage these habits anyway when visiting and staying with communities. We expect honesty here, kindly do not attempt to sneak alcohol into our homestay, we will evict you if found drinking/drunk.

3. Guests will follow all fire-safety precautions that are displayed in the homestay. Lighting candles, incense etc is banned and any guests doing so will be asked to leave. The homestay is completely wooden and fire is extremely hazardous.

4. We have a 'ZERO-TOLERANCE NO NARCOTICS' policy. Anyone found engaging with narcotics when booked as our guest, will be immediately reported to Police Station, Mori Tehsil.

5. We encourage guests who come to seek silence and a peaceful getaway from chaotic urban life. Please maintain quiet at the homestay at all times, respect the privacy of other guests and be kind to everyone. 

6. Please wear good shoes, carry a good torch/headlamp with extra batteries and a powerbank for charging mobile phones.

7. Leave no trace. Try to bring as little items as possible that generate trash and we appreciate it if you carry your trash back at least to our office in Kotgaon.


- Very simple rooms. Just a comfortable bed, blankets and sleeping bag will be provided.

- Toilets, Indian and Western, common, shared.

- Electricity - grid power available, solar during day & emergency petrol generator

- Hot water - 1 bucket per day per guest.

- Internet - broadband - 2 mbps complimentary. Rs 50 per extra mbps chargeable per day if required.

- Mobile - Reliance Jio works for voice calling and low data speed.

- Food:

Breakfast - Oats or Daliya Porridge or Maggi, with tea/coffee + biscuits

Lunch - Roti, rice, dal, vegetables

Afternoon - Tea/coffee + biscuits

Dinner - Soup, roti, rice, dal, vegetables

All served in the balcony area

See videos of homestay below....

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